Reactivate your customers

Reactiv is an AI-powered mobile app platform to help you sell more and increase retention, without the headache of managing another channel

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Instantly build beautiful, high-converting commerce apps and engage your customers with push notifications. Fully extensible with custom code.

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Other app solutions lack...

Enter Reactiv


Reactiv is much more than a mobile app builder…

App Clips

Your audience can use your app without having to download it–and you can send them push notifications

App Automation

Automate the build, management and maintenance of your app

Reactiv Plus

Developers and agencies can build on Reactiv’s framework and create customized experiences without technical roadblocks, platform limitations, and price tags


And it works...

Brands already using Reactiv have seen the difference

Increase Conversions

In-app conversion is 3-5x greater than mobile web

Boost AOV by 20%

Customers spend more, and buy more frequently in-app

Community Building

Build real loyalty. Apps are your closest touch point to customers

Push Notifications

Timely, personalized and media rich–push notifications outperform email and SMS

Always in Reach

Like a storefront on a busy street, a customer’s phone is prime real estate


Don’t take our word for it

Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does it take to go live?

With App Automation, Reactiv will build your app for you. Use our Studio to make final adjustments, and go live within a day.

Can I migrate my existing app users to my Reactiv app? 

If you’re moving to Reactiv from another platform, your customers will move over with you. Reactiv will automatically push an update to your existing users–they won’t have to download a new app.  

Do my customers need to download my apps?

With Reactiv App Clips, your customers can use a snippet of your app without needing to download it. This could be opening a product page from a social ad, or scanning a QR code. The best part? You can still send them push notifications. 

Do I need a developer to use Reactiv?

No. Reactiv will build and manage the app for you. 

If you want to build custom features on top of your app using Reactiv Plus, your agency or developers can access our Developer Tool Kit

Ready to reactivate your customers?

Automated Native Apps

App Clips

Fully Extensible

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